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Criminal Justice Degree

Public and national security is one of the most complex and challenging domestic issues of our time. Today, a growing number of criminal justice specialists - in areas such as technology, computer security and intelligence - are working alongside other professionals in law enforcement, corrections, security, and the court system.

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Capella University

  • BS - Criminal Justice:
    This specialization provides an overview of public safety research, theory and principles, with a focus on criminal justice processes and procedures. Course work includes such topics as corrections and judicial systems, criminal law and the legal process, police-community relations, white collar and organized crime investigations, and criminal procedure and evidence. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing entry-level officer positions or career advancement within law enforcement agencies, corrections departments, and federal regulatory or enforcement agencies.

  • MS - Criminal Justice:
    This online master's in Criminal Justice specialization covers such topics as human behavior, the corrections and judicial systems, social change and public policy, ethnic and cultural awareness, and contributing factors such as addiction. This specialization is designed for caseworkers, probation and parole officers, juvenile specialists, law enforcement agents, and others who want to advance their careers and play a stronger role in facilitating positive change in the criminal justice system.

  • PhD - Criminal Justice:
    Make a difference in your career and your community through this Criminal Justice PhD specialization designed to prepare you to initiate positive change in the criminal justice system. The intensive program includes online course work, residencies, and research that address the complex issues surrounding criminal behavior, prevention and intervention, the penal system, and the development of public policy strategies at the community, state, and national levels. People who choose this doctoral specialization are often pursuing high-level positions in higher education, a research or consulting agency, a public policy group, or other criminal justice-related organizations.

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Anthem College Online

The Criminal Justice program offered by Anthem College Online focuses on the criminal justice system and introduces students to the basics of criminology. They are trained in investigative techniques, the adversarial system, and firearms theory.

  • Associate of Science Degree:
    The program includes core courses or general education courses teach topics that are useful in nearly every vocation or profession. Students study psychology, communications, algebra, ethics, American government, and more. They also learn practical skills such as computer applications, English composition, and career success.

    Persons who complete the Associate of Science degree can compete for entry-level positions as court bailiffs, gaming surveillance, security guards, and corrections officers.

  • Bachelor of Science Degree:
    This online criminal justice bachelor's program provides students with introduction and a solid background in several criminal justice topics. It prepares them to enter and advance in the criminal justice field.

    The option arrangement allows students to focus on a specific field, which may give them a competitive advantage once they are ready to join the workforce.

    A core curriculum that includes some general education courses support the concentration courses with topics that include communications, principles of management, social and ethical issues, and American government. A career success course teaches students how to identify opportunities for advancement as well as life skills including time and financial management.

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Strayer University

Established in 1892, Strayer University offers working adult students a quality education that's affordable, convenient, and supportive. The flexible academic programs in today's most sought-after career fields make it possible for you to earn a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice on your schedule, without interrupting your personal or professional life.

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice - Computer Security and Forensics
  • Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice Administration
  • Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Technology
  • Criminal Justice - Homeland Security and Emergency Management

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Post University

Post University, founded in 1890, has a proud heritage of empowering students to take control of their careers and their lives. They offer an innovative curriculum that combines career-focused education with a solid foundation in the liberal arts.

  • B.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice / Forensic Science
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice / High Tech and Fraud Investigation
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement
  • B.S. in Human Services / Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Legal Studies / Trial: Civil and Criminal

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Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers a broad selection of Criminal Justice related programs that address the career goals of working adults from a variety of professional disciplines.

Criminal Justice Degrees offered by Kaplan University
  • AAS in Criminal Justice
  • Advanced Start BS in Criminal Justice
  • Advanced Start BS in Criminal Justice Administration and Management
  • Advanced Start BS in International and Comparative Criminal Justice
  • BS in Criminal Justice
  • BS in Criminal Justice Administration and Management
  • BS in International and Comparative Criminal Justice
  • BSCJ/Computer Crime
  • BSCJ/Corrections
  • BSCJ/Crime Scene Investigation
  • BSCJ/Forensic Psychology
  • BSCJ/Homeland Security
  • BSCJ/Juvenile Justice
  • BSCJ/Law Enforcement
  • Corrections Certificate
  • Crime Scene Technician Certificate
  • Management and Supervision Certificate in Criminal Justice
  • Private Security Certificate
  • MS in Criminal Justice
  • MSCJ/Corrections
  • MSCJ/Global Issues in Criminal Justice
  • MSCJ/Law
  • MSCJ/Leadership/Executive Management
  • MSCJ/Policing

Kaplan University gives you the control to schedule your education. There are no job interruptions, travel expenses or hours spent searching the campus map. You can go to class anytime, anywhere 24/7. The flexibility and dynamic interaction of online education at Kaplan University also allows for innovative web-based learning opportunities via message boards, online readings, academic exercises and web field trips.

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Virginia College

Virginia College focuses on the needs of the job market of each industry, creating programs that meet the needs of students and future employees alike.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
  • Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice

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Globe University

Experience the personal attention that is a hallmark of the Globe University experience. Globe University offers Associate and Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice.

  • Associate Degree
    The AAS in Criminal Justice program will provide students with an understanding of the theories underlying the 3 main components of the CJ system: law enforcement; judicial systems; and correctional modalities within the context of social and political sciences. Methods and applications of these three areas will be emphasized throughout the coursework along with the intersections of their functions. The required general education coursework will further develop the students' critical thinking and problem solving skills, which will be enhanced throughout their technical coursework. Program graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in a range of criminal justice positions including corrections officers, private security, protective services, and private investigator positions. They will also have the foundation to pursue further study in social science or legal coursework.
  • Bachelor Degree
    - 180 Credit Hours
    The objective of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is to provide an understanding of the theories underlying law enforcement, judicial systems, and correctional modalities within the context of social sciences. Students prepare for entry-level positions and advancement opportunities in a range of criminal justice positions including corrections officers, private security, protective services and investigator positions. This program provides a foundation for supervision, management, and leadership.

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Colorado Technical University (CTU) Online

CTU Online has just launched a new degree program, its Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. It offers an outstanding education in the broad and dynamic field of criminal justice. Students entering the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program can gain a solid knowledge base in the triad areas of the courts, corrections, and law enforcement in addition to the management skills needed for career advancement.

Students can enjoy relevant, real-world courses, taught by professors who are experienced in their fields, and a truly innovative and revolutionary online educational delivery system. Some of the courses available in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice include:

  • Corrections Solutions
  • Investigating Crime
  • Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement and the Community
  • Public Administration and Policy Making
  • Laws of Evidence in Criminal Courts
  • American Criminal Procedure
  • Juveniles and the Courts
  • White Collar Crime
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Forensic Behavior Analysis

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