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Business & E-Commerce

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Westwood College Online

The E-Business Management bachelor degree is designed to give you the knowledge and experience youll need to take advantage of these challenging opportunities. Youll learn how to connect the forces of advanced technology with the fundamentals of business and management.
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Walden University

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - E-Business
    The MBA program combines high-quality core curriculum with the e-Business specialization curriculum that is consistently updated to ensure real-world relevancy to today's global marketplace. At Walden, you have maximum flexibility to design an MBA program that meets your needs and interests. A focus on e-Business will help you develop the expertise to effectively interact with e-solutions, including: Business-to-business, Supply chain management, Customer relationship management.

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Kaplan University

If you're serious about advancing your career in business or starting a new one, Kaplan University is for you. All of our career-track business programs are taught by practicing professionals with theoretical, as well as hands-on knowledge.
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Colorado Technical University (CTU) Online

Master's (MSM) - Business Management program will provide you with a wealth of technical expertise and business savvy from the enterprise perspective of an organization. The PMI-endorsed project management component provides a solid base of knowledge to address today's most pressing management challenges using industry-recognized models and techniques. These are essential skills for anyone wishing to become an effective business manager in Information Technology.

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